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[Bug 355] unreplayable log after crash

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Subject: [Bug 355] unreplayable log after crash
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Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 01:49:34 -0700
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------- Additional Comments From tes@xxxxxxx  2004-09-09 01:49 PDT -------
Hi Peter,

You wrote:
  "I also tried to see if the problem exists if I explicitly specify -l su=128k,
   and it does."

I'm not sure I am following you here.
The fix/bug I was describing was for using a log record size of 256k nothing
to do with the log stripe size.
So trying it with a log size of 128k i.e. mounting with "-o logbsize=128k"
is worth doing if you want to check that the problem goes away.

You also wrote:
"Does su= have any effect on the log record size?"
Not really, except that the log record size must be bigger than the
log stripe size, and thus the stripe size can't be any bigger than
the maximum log record size.
  log-su <= MAX-log-record-size(256k)
  logbsize >= log-su
So if you wanted to mount with 128k logbufs, then it would only
succeed if the log stripe was <= 128k.

(Sorry for not replying sooner - been away a lot lately:)


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