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xfs setting inode ctime

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Subject: xfs setting inode ctime
From: vijaya saradhi uppaluri <uvsaradhi@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 16:10:12 +0530
Reply-to: vijaya saradhi uppaluri <uvsaradhi@xxxxxxxxx>
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xfs updates inode change time from current time even if the attribute
ATTR_CTIME is set.
xfs_setattr checks for XFS_AT_CTIME along with ATTR_DMI.
linvfs_setattr sets XFS_AT_CTIME flag by checking ATTR_CTIME.
xfs_setattr does not honour this flag
unless it is coupled with ATTR_DMI.

Is there any logical reason behind this? Why does XFS_AT_CTIME is
coupled with ATTR_DMI?

Is there any goodway of setting ctime attribute of xfs? 

I observed that other file-systems sets the ctime accordinlgy if
ATTR_CTIME flag is set.

-U. Vijaya Saradhi,

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