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XFS corruption on vanilla kernel.

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Subject: XFS corruption on vanilla kernel.
From: Wenzel Jakob <wazlaf@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 12:35:55 -0700
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I am experiencing XFS file system corruption on a vanilla kernel.org
kernel 2.6.7 (the only additional module is the nvidia driver which
really shouldn't be the cause of the problems).

The problem is that, all of a sudden, files have the content of an
entirely different file. For example one second I am editing a .cpp
file, the next moment I open it up again, it is a jpeg file from a
directory containing my digital camera pictures. The original .cpp
file was lost, so the files were not exchanged.

This has happened to me before with previous kernels from 2.6 - what I
usually did is run knoppix and fsck the filesystem which seemed to
stop it for a while.

I cannot reproduce this behavior, it seems completely random and only
happens every couple of weeks. Also, I have only noticed this with
files on which I am actively working - who knows, maybe many more
files have some wrong content by now.

I am very certain that this is not a virus or an intrusion and is
caused by the filesystem. If anyone has some advice, I am open to
every suggestion.

Thanks in advance,
Wenzel Jakob

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