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[Bug 347] XFS clearing the disk

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Subject: [Bug 347] XFS clearing the disk
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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 00:10:17 -0700
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------- Additional Comments From seth.mos@xxxxxxxxx  2004-22-07 00:10 PDT 
What you probably hit is a XFS error 990.
Also known as Unknown under linux but it returns EFSCORRUPTED.

If XFS thinks something is out of wack and inconsistent it would trigger and
unmount the filesystem to prevent further damage.

Chances are that a reboot might bring back the filesystem but it would probably
fail again in the same place (reading a certain file or dir for example).

Go there, upgrade to more recent XFS bits, userspace tools.

In order of sequence that would be, upgrade the xfs_progs, repair the filesystem
(xfs_repair) and then upgrade to more recent XFS bits, like CVS or one of the
1.3 releases.

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