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[Bug 347] XFS clearing the disk

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Subject: [Bug 347] XFS clearing the disk
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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 14:25:42 -0700
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------- Additional Comments From christopher.g.dorosky@xxxxxxxx  2004-21-07 
14:25 PDT -------
I don't have access to the machine.
I still really need answers to the following two questions:
Q1. Where are the logs that were mentioned?
Q2. Can you answer the questions about the mounting? It is normally safe to 
access an XFS disk through /dev/sd(xx), right?

Here is what I mean by no files available.

Lets say that the disk was mounted as /disk2
Normally there could be directories /disk2/dir1 /disk2/dir2 /disk2/dir3 , etc..

If I switch to /disk2, and do "ls"  I normally get
dir1 dir2 dir3 . ..

After the error, I would get
. ..

But df would report the same space occupied as before.

I will hunt around for some logs on a duplicate machine here, and see if I can 
find any XFS messages. Which log shoudl I look at?

If I can manage to get a disk to fail here, then I will let you know. In the 
meantime, do you have answers for Q1 and Q2?

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