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Re: XFS partition problem

To: evilninja <evilninja@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: XFS partition problem
From: Raphael Bauduin <raphael.bauduin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:36:33 +0200
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evilninja wrote:
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Raphael Bauduin schrieb:

From what I read on the web, this could be due to a suboptimal cable,

but could it be the cause of the XFS problems? I don't get these

could you use a better cable and see, if the PCI errors go away?
also check earlier logs again, *maybe* the PCI errors appeared way
before the fs took note.

If I  have the possibility I'll do it. But those PCI errors only once per boot.
When it's running I don't get any of these errors. That seems to indicate that 
driver has adapted its working to the controller, and that it's doing fine 
I've looked at older logs and those messages appeared at a boot of 3 december, 
also followed by this:

Dec  3 10:18:19 dotnet kernel: Starting XFS recovery on filesystem: sd(8,38) 
(dev: 8/38)
Dec  3 10:18:19 dotnet kernel: Ending XFS recovery on filesystem: sd(8,38) 
(dev: 8/38)

What's the exact meaning of these messages? Does it mean the partition was not 
cleanly unmounted?
If the partition is not cleanly unmounted at each boot, could it result in a 
partition error like I had?

- the kernel upgrade?

do you have "working kernels" left? are they running still fine?

Once the problem occured with the 2.4.26, it also accured when booting in 2.4.20



PS: I Think I followed the procedure to subscribe, but I don't get any mails of 
the mailing list.
If you answer, please send it to me directly also.

- xfs only?

if you have spare diskspace you could try other filesystems and see, if
the errors are the same. but first i'd really care about these PCI errors...

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