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Re: XFS + LVM + Software RAID5 on Debian testing

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Subject: Re: XFS + LVM + Software RAID5 on Debian testing
From: Charles Steinkuehler <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 21:43:04 -0500
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Chris Wedgwood wrote:

On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 01:40:45PM -0500, Charles Steinkuehler wrote:

- I created the xfs filesystems on the LVM using the -ssize=4k
option, but I still see notices about the RAID5: cachebuffer
switching sizes (between 0, 512, and 4096), mainly when running
xfs_repair.  I'm running kernel 2.4.26, and had thought the md
problems with the cachebuffer size were fixed back around 2.4.18?!?

just to make sure, you dont ever run repair (even read-only) or
anything else like dd and/or a snapshot over the device when it's
mounted do you?

No...the cachebuffer switching sizes occured when running xfs_repair on an unmounted LVM Logical volume, ie:

$ umount /home
$ xfs_repair /dev/mapper/vg00-home
 <lots of RAID5: cachebuffer notices along with xfs_repair output>

The volume was one of several on the same RAID PV, however, and the other LV's *WERE* mounted (if that matters). My current setup has 5 logical volumes in a single Volume Group (all on one RAID5 Physical Volume). All filesystems are XFS (except the swap partition :), and pretty much everything was mounted at the time except for home, which is the largest partition by far (400G vs. <4G for any of the others). Root and /boot are on seperate RAID1 partitions, and are not part of the big VG on the RAID5 partition.

VG: vg00
  LV0: swap
  LV1: tmp
  LV2: var
  LV3: usr
  LV4: home
    PV: md2 (RAID5)

<root>: md1 (RAID1)
/boot: md1 (RAID1)

Charles Steinkuehler

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