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Re: XFS for postgres databases?

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Subject: Re: XFS for postgres databases?
From: Jeremy Jackson <jerj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 15:32:45 -0400
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Feizhou wrote:
Jeffrey W. Baker wrote:
Until a few days ago I had a very large postgresql installation on XFS. We suffered very unusual problems like corrupt tables, missing rows,
corrupt indexes, and so forth.  We've never seen those problems on ext2,
to which we have since switched back.

Why would you put a database on a meta data journaling only filesystem?

The original poster mentions ext2, which has no journaling.

In the case of ext3, with metadata only journaling, or other metadata only journaling filesystems (XFS for sure, JFS?), you would use postgres because it does all the data journaling (since v7 with WAL).

What's wrong with ext3 full journal? (data=journal)

Hmm.  wonder if that would help mysql :)

Jeremy Jackson
Coplanar Networks

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