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Re: file corruption

To: Chris Wedgwood <cw@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: file corruption
From: Dmitry Nikiforov <dniq_kraft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 18:52:43 -0600
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Chris Wedgwood wrote:

>>I currently am running kernel 2.6.3 on my system, and virtually
>>every time my system gets rebooted without shutdown (which happens
>>sometime), I get corrupted files.
>Define corrupted.
'Corrupted' as in 'incorrect data in them'. Besides, a few files were 
lost (Mozilla bookmarks.html, for example, is one of them).

>>Most often I get just random garbage _within_ a file, even though
>>there are no complaints while checking filesystem.
>Random garbage?  As someone else pointed out you can get nulls in
>files at times, but I wouldn't expect it to be that common or
>problematic --- it's also arguably the correct behavior.
Well, it looks like a random garbage. Last time it happened to 
/var/log/messages - there was some random binary data at the end of it. 
At the same time, there were no error messages nor warnings when the 
system was being started and fsck was running, which I find very odd...

>>virtually every time I get power failure or unconditional reboot for
>>whatever reason - I get corrupted files with random garbage inside.
>which files are these?
Open files, as far as I can tell right now. Some files I find just later 
that they were corrupted, so I can't tell what was happening to them at 
that very moment :( While I don't have too many crashes (about 4-5 in 
total so far) - it always involves something missing. On my office 
machine (which is 100% linux box with XFS all over it :) ) every time it 
gets unconditionally rebooted, I loose most of my KDE settings and most 
of Mozilla settings (these are that I can notice immediately after the 
reboot). And, like I said, there were a couple of times when there was 
some random garbage in /var/log/messages, for example:

Mar 31 19:01:00 dniq CROND[23308]: (root) CMD (nice -n 19 run-parts 
Mar 31 20:01:00 dniq CROND[23803]: (root) CMD (nice -n 19 run-parts 
Mar 31 21:01:00 dniq CROND[24300]: (root) CMD (nice -n 19 run-parts 
Mar 31 22:01:00 dniq CROND[24797]: (root) CMDL$|.?..?.??. 
?.?#..?L$.??.?L$.??..$..A.?..$.L$|#A..?L$ ??.?L

(this is just a simulation, not the actual file fragment).


Regards, DNiq.

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