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Re: synchronization of XFS

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Subject: Re: synchronization of XFS
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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:58:50 +0900
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Thanks to your follow-up.

Chris Wedgwood wrote:

>>How do you guys synchronize a XFS partition?
> sync()
> of xfs_freeze depending on what you want

I will try xfs_freeze.

>>Repeating sync() does not take effect.
>>Is there any specific command or operation to sync XFS?
> sync() should work --- why do you think it does?

Because anaconda/booty fails to install grub into a XFS partition.

Firstly anaconda executes "grub-install --just-copy", and
executes sync() three times. Then anaconda runs "grub --batch"
to really install grub into MBR of the disk,
but grub cannot find files which should have been already
written in the partition by sync(). grub does not try to seek
those files through filesystem, but reads the volume directly
by its internal functions like xfs_dir().

When I put 1 minutes of sleep() next to sync(),
grub finds those files and is installed successfully.
That's why I think a XFS partition needa much time to synchronize.

> what kernel version are you using?

I'm using a kernel based on RHEL3.0 U1 (2.4.21-9.EL.i686)
applied XFS 1.3.1 patch from http://www.oss.sgi.com/.

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