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Re: lilo help on RAID-1 (fwd)

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Subject: Re: lilo help on RAID-1 (fwd)
From: Olaf Frączyk <olaf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 10 Feb 2004 11:18:53 +0100
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On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 06:35, Gaspar Bakos wrote:
> Hi, guys,
> I got the following warning about lilo use with XFS boot partition. I'd
> appreciate your thoughts about this issue:
> """
> Your 'fstab' indicates that /boot is XFS.  Although I do not use this
> filesystem, I am led to believe that sector 0, the boot sector, is used as
> a superblock for the filesystem.  Hence, overwriting it will destroy the
> filesystem.  This occurs for NTFS, and used to occur for DOS FAT.
> If XFS is now fixed, then you may ignore the following:
> Version 22 RAID-1 codes are not compatible with Version 21.  This is
> detailed in "README.raid1".  A compatible mode of operation will have to be
> used with NTFS & XFS:  namely, the configuration file will have to contain:
> raid-extra-boot = mbr-only
> This will suppress the writing of the boot record to /dev/md0 (sector 0 of
> the XFS partition); but will, instead, write the boot records to /dev/hda
> and /dev/hdc (absolute sector 0 of each disk).
> 22.5.8 should already have cautioned you about the possible destruction of
> the XFS filesystem."""

This is well known for long time. At least on this list :)
And, AFAIR, it is not fixable. And it is not a bug.


Olaf Fraczyk

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