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PARTIAL TAKE 907752 - update some log QA

Subject: PARTIAL TAKE 907752 - update some log QA
From: Tim Shimmin <tes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 14:36:53 +1100
Apparently-to: <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: linux-xfs-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
Simplify and hopefully make more repeatable log/logprint
QA testing.
While in QA get 063 working again with common.dump mod.


Date:  Wed Feb 11 19:30:50 PST 2004
Workarea:  sherman.melbourne.sgi.com:/build/tes/isms/xfs-cmds
Inspected by:  tes@xxxxxxx

The following file(s) were checked into:

Modid:  xfs-cmds:slinx:166651a
xfstests/018.trans_inode - 1.1
        - moved from 018.noquota.trans_inode.
          filtered logprint output for trans_inode

xfstests/018.op - 1.1
        - moved from 018.noquota.op.
          Some filtered operation output.

xfstests/082.trans_inode - 1.1
        - Moved from 082.noquota.trans_inode. New filtering.

xfstests/082.trans_buf - 1.1
        - Moved from 082.noquota.trans_buf. New filtering.

xfstests/018.trans_buf - 1.1
        - moved from 018.noquota.trans_buf.
          filtered logprint output for trans_bufs

xfstests/082.op - 1.1
        - Moved from 082.noquota.op. New filtering.

xfstests/018 - 1.27
        - Get rid of unnecessary noquota suffix in name.

xfstests/common.dump - 1.46
        - Move the XFS_XFLAG_* file attr flags out of the ea config code
          since they are NOT EAs and put them in a separate 
          function. TODO: need to update the config processing in common.dump
          to call xfs_io to set the xattr flags via the ioctl. Also need to
          write a new QA test to make the calls into here.

xfstests/group - 1.50
        - Add a log group and add some log tests to the auto group.

xfstests/018.out - 1.6
xfstests/018.noquota.op - 1.3
xfstests/018.noquota.trans_inode - 1.3
xfstests/018.noquota.trans_buf - 1.3
        - Get rid of unnecessary noquota suffix in name.

xfstests/082 - 1.2
        - Get rid of noquota suffix. 
          Formatting changes.
          Take out the _notrun call now.

xfstests/common.log - 1.3
        - Fix up the filtering so that it can handle flushing out of data and
          flushing out of iclogs at different times still allow repeatable

xfstests/082.out - 1.2
        - Get rid of noquota suffix.

xfstests/081.ugquota.trans_inode - 1.2
        - Update for new filtering from common.log used to get repeatability.

xfstests/082.noquota.trans_inode - 1.2
xfstests/082.noquota.op - 1.2
xfstests/082.noquota.trans_buf - 1.2
        - Get rid of noquota suffix.

xfstests/085 - 1.2
        - Don't need common.log as we don't do logprint filtering - just
          check for clean or dirty log.

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