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Fedora Core 1 XFS DVD released

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Subject: Fedora Core 1 XFS DVD released
From: Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 10:24:20 +0100
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Hi Everybody.

Ok, I the mirror started fetching the Fedora Core XFS DVD v0.1 image
roughly 6 hours ago so it's a few more hours until it's downloadable.

The basics:

It's Fedora Core 1 with all updates as of tonight.
The kernel is the latest atrpms kernel with updated LVM and XFS 1.3.1
and other candy.
I had to replace two RPMS from standard Fedora Core 1: pciutils and kudzu. They're the same as in Fedora Core Development as of a few days
ago, except that kudzu is recompiled (python2.3 vs python2.2).
The installer is the Fedora Core Development anaconda, and NOT the
regular Fedora Core 1 installer. It's been patched in many places by me

Current bugs :

If you have XFS on your /boot (or if you have no /boot and have XFS
on your / partition) grub locks up right at the end of the install.
The readme on the mirror (and on the DVD describes what to do to
get it installed. It's not difficult.

Other than that everything works as it should.

I would like as much feedback (good or bad) so please email me at
stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx if you downloaded it, even if it's just to say
"ok, it worked for me on my <insert CPU/chipset here> computer".

Excerpts from the README follows.

// Stefan

Version 0.1 (2004-01-25)


This DVD compilation was made by me, Stefan Smietanowski and
I take no responsibility whatsoever that it works or not.

If it breaks, you get to keep the pieces.

No warranty is neither expressed or implied. Be warned.

This release is not endorsed or supported by either RedHat or SGI.
If it doesn't work, don't bug them about it.

Where to get:

There is currently only one place to get it from:


That dir will always contain the latest version
I hope to add at least one ftp site to the list later on.
If anyone has a high-bandwidth site that can take 3-4GiB files,
email me. Only serious offers please. ADSL is not high bandwidth :)

Thanx to Uninett in norway for the chance to mirror it there.
It's a 10Gps link.

What's on this DVD:

* Fedora Core 1 "Yarrow" CDs 1-6, including the SRPMS.
* All updates that were released up to and including 2004-01-25
  at 00:00 GMT.
  They are installed automatically when the system
  is installed. The DVD does not contain the old RPMS.
  There is one exception. The script that builds the
  DVD locks up for some reason if I add the "vnc"
  and "vnc-server" RPMS to it. I have not included
  those updated RPMS. They can however be installed
  afterwards. Just download them from the net.
* A modified Fedora Core Development Installer.
* Kernel RPMS that are made by Axel Thimm that are
  based on the Fedora Core 1 update RPMS except
  they also contain XFS and an updated LVM apart
  from some other things.
* The XFS tools that are needed.

If you have any questions or ideas, or just want to tell me how
great it is that I made this DVD, please mail me at the email
address below. Also please drop me a note that you used it at all
and if you encountered any bugs that aren't described below.
This is NOT an invitation to send unsolicited email ("spam").

Stefan Smietanowski (stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx)

Thanx must go to: (In no particular order)
Axel Thimm
Nicolai Langfeldt
Russel Cattelan
Eric Sandeen
Nathan Straz
and the rest of the XFS team! This DVD wouldn't have existed
without you!

* The copyright of any program on this DVD are owned by their
  respective copyright holder.

Known Bugs:

- Doesn't work.
+ Contains a bugfix but needs to be tested by more people.
* Fixed
? Unknown if bug still exists. Usually a new bug found in an older

- GRUB won't install properly at all for some reason. Looking for
  a fix for this. Workaround exists. See above.

If you have a solution or idea to any of these problems, please email me
at stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx and I'll incorporate them into the next release.

Version history:

0.0.X  XXXX-XX-XX Internal testing to get stuff building and working.
                  First cut was a simple FC1 DVD, then I slowly
                  added updates and the XFS kernel and finally
                  modified the Fedora Core development installer
                  to install FC1.
0.1    2004-01-25 First release. Was basically a rename of the
                  last 0.0.X version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Why release a Fedora Core 1 with XFS support when the
    Fedora Core 2 Test 1 is (almost) out?
A - Why not? FC1 is stable. I run a server from this DVD,
    but I wouldn't do that off FC2 test 1.

Q - Why on earth did you modify the Fedora Core development
    installer (anaconda) instead of adding XFS support to
    the FC1 installer?
A - I started looking at how they had done their XFS support
    and saw more and more that I could just as well use that
    although it proved to be a lot of work to get it to work.
    The development installer is almost what the Fedora Core
    2 Test 1 installer is and it installs a 2.6 kernel so
    there were lots of changes here and there. In the end
    I like it better than the old one, but that's me.

Q - This sucks. You should NOT have done XXX like that.
A - Your opinion is your own. You have all my files and
    work. Roll your own distro.

Q - I think you could make XXX differently and this is why ...
A - Describe  it properly and I'll look at it. I might
    agree with you.

Q - This installer ate my disk!
A - Odd, I thought it wasn't hungry. Read the disclaimer above.

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