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[Bug 299] compiling xfsprogs-2.6.0 fails

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Subject: [Bug 299] compiling xfsprogs-2.6.0 fails
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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 21:22:54 -0800
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------- Additional Comments From nathans@xxxxxxx  2004-13-01 21:22 PDT -------
OK, I see the problem, and having a look through the current autoconf
documentation confirms it.  The semantics of the AC_CHECK_SIZEOF macro
have changed slightly - it seems for some autoconf versions the second
parameter is ignored if the type isn't one of the predefined ones, and
a zero size is returned.  Previously, if the type wasn't known it would
return the second parameter, IIRC - this will probably be some autoconf
change to better support cross-compiling.

Does your xfsprogs build succeed if you do this?

# cd xfsprogs
# make distclean
# rm -f configure include/platform_defs.h
# setenv ac_cv_sizeof_char_p 4
# setenv ac_cv_sizeof_long 4


# export ac_cv_sizeof_char_p=4
# export ac_cv_sizeof_long=4

(depending on your shell, then finally...)

# make

If so, I have a fix ready to go in that should resolve this.


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