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Re: [LNX-XFS] Re: large file problems with 2.4.25-pre4

To: Kelsey Cummings <kgc@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [LNX-XFS] Re: large file problems with 2.4.25-pre4
From: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 20:10:39 -0600
Cc: Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxx>, linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Kelsey Cummings wrote:
On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 11:30:39AM +1100, Nathan Scott wrote:

On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 03:36:19PM -0800, Kelsey Cummings wrote:

I'm new to using xfs, so please forgive me if I'm missing somehting
obvious.  I've heard good things about xfs' performance, and I have to
admit I'm quite impressed with what I've seen so far.  However, I've run
into some confusing problems.

With all of the XFS kernels I've build (2.4.24-pre1, 2.4.25-pre4) I've had
trouble creating large files.
dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/blah bs=1024k count=10000

locks up at app 6gigs with bdflush and kswapd consumming all available CPU.
Once this occurs any thing attempting to access the filesystem gets stuck
waiting on the kernel.

Hmm... I'm not seeing this behaviour on my test system -
using the 10G case you have above it completes for me in
a few minutes (and a bit more quickly on 2.6 than 2.4).

What is free space like on your /mnt filesystem & how much
memory do you have?  I tried both a too-small and a plenty-
large filesystem, and didn't see lockups on either 2.4 or
2.6 in a couple of attempts.

plenty, it does it on the empty 800gig file system.  2 gigs of ram, dual
Xeon, HT enabled.  'defau;t' file system creation args.

Just verified again, this time on small filesystems:

/dev/sdb1            359652544   4675564 354976980   2% /mnt/vol0
/dev/sdc1            359652544    239820 359412724   1% /mnt/vol1

It's a redhat 7.3 box, if perhaps the system libs could be causing the

If you consistently see lockups, your best bet is to drop
into kdb and start with backtraces on the stuck processes.

Aie, I'm afraid I don't have that kind of foo. :)


Isn't this the large ag size and extents beyond 4G in size bug


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