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Symbolic Links & XFS

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Subject: Symbolic Links & XFS
From: AndyLiebman@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 08:27:54 EST
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A question about symbolic links and Linux XFS. Is there any limitation on the 
number of symbolic links one could make to a file under XFS in Linux? 

For example, if I had 2000 files in a directory, and each file had 20 
symbolic links to it, is there any reason why I might get into trouble because 
of the 
links? (And could it make any difference how long the directory and 
subdirectory and filenames are?) If so, is XFS any different in regard to 
links compared to other Linux filesystems? 

I have no reason to suspect there could be a problem with XFS, but I want to 
make sure there won't be before I put a big system into production that uses 
tons of symbolic links. 

Thanks in advance for your replies. 

Andy Liebman

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