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Subject: Thanks
From: "William C. Shortell" <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 14:39:13 -0800
Organization: ILLUVATAR, LLC
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Hello Eric,

    After downloading the 9.0 ISOs from the redhat site and burning CDs, I was 
able to do a complete install from the forRH-9.0-SGI-XFS-1.3.0-v1.iso CD.

    The RedHat 9.0 CDs that I bought from Fry's were an older iso version.

    Again, thanks very much for all of your help.

William C. Shortell
ILLUVATAR, LLC                           Cell (310) 753-1774
P. O. Box 8506                           Phone/Fax (714) 965-5918
Fountain Valley, CA 92728                E-mail bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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