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Re: advice: 3ware+raid+xfs

Subject: Re: advice: 3ware+raid+xfs
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Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 12:54:01 +0800
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Gaspar Bakos wrote:
Dear all,

I am about to build a system for data reduction, but before I do so, I
thought of posting this in case anyone has useful hints (don't do that!,
or be careful with...)

It would be a dual xeon mobo + 3ware Escalade card + 4x250Gb (WD) disk,

you will want to make the firmware/bios of the harddisks and the 3ware are compatible or go for maxtors. The latest should be safe otherwise you are going have funny things happen with your WD drives.

running most probably RH9.0 and kernel 2.4.22-xfs. I haven't decided yet
about the arrangement of the 4x250Gb disks, but definitely there will be
XFS on them. My possibilities are: (I need total space more than 500Gb)
1. JBOD, each disk one partition
(drawback: I have to take care of not filling either of them)
2. RAID-0, one single 1Tb XFS partition

if you can afford to lose your data and restore and the downtime
3. RAID-5

if you have a lot of write traffic and cannot afford to have this storage performing absymally for any length of time i suggest you get an eight port card and go for raid 1+0 with 6 or 8 disks.

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