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Re: Anaconda

To: Ajay Ramaswamy <xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Anaconda
From: Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 13:01:44 +0100
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Hi Ajay.


I'm not Eric, nor do I claim to be Eric but I want to respond anyway :)

Success on the anaconda front, I have a installer that has proper rescue support. Here are the patches that I have added to the installer. I am no closer to finding an answer to the grub problem, but I am working on it.

Rescue support ? You mean that "mount filesystems" works? Or did you
mean "upgrade" support?

But before I continue : WELL DONE! Saves me a load of time.

+def readFSLabel(device, makeDevNode = 1):
+    label = readXFSLabel(device, makeDevNode)
+    if (label == None):
+        label = readExt2Label(device, makeDevNode)
+    return label
+#def readFSLabel(device, makeDevNode = 1):
+#    fstype = partedUtils.sniffFilesystemType(device)
+#    if (fstype == "ext2" or fstype == "ext3")
+#        return readExt2Label(device, makeDevNode)
+#    elif (fstype == "xfs"):
+#        return readXFSLabel(device, makeDevNode)
+#    else:
+#        return ""

Umm... why? Before they check what filesystem it is and then
use the correct way to read the label and you instead just assume
it's XFS and if the label reading fails then you try if it's ext2.
I'm probably missing something though.

-    $BUILDINSTALL --buildinstdir $BUILDINSTDIR --second $PKGORDERSTR --comp $COMPNAME --version 
$VERSION --release \"$RELEASESTR\" --product \"$PRODUCTSTR\" --prodpath 
+    $BUILDINSTALL --buildinstdir $BUILDINSTDIR --second $PKGORDERSTR --comp $COMPNAME --version 
$VERSION --release "$RELEASESTR" --product "$PRODUCTSTR" --prodpath 

Why do you remove the "\" ? If $RELEASESTR is something with a space
this will not work.

Also, I see you adding JFS support here and there but not everywhere.
Not necessary in other places or ... ?

// Stefan

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