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Issues with XFS

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Subject: Issues with XFS
From: Chris Croswhite <csc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 18:25:10 +0000
Organization: RC - Cadence Design Systems
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Has anyone seen this behavior?:

Compiling source soucer code for another application, I realized that I
did not configure correctly.  So I removed the src dir and untar'ed the
soruces again in the exact same directory.  I than proceed to change the
configure and recompiled the source.  However, I got the exact same code
size for libs and exectuable.  So I tried the process over again, erased
the original source code, untar'ed to the same dir, configured and then
compiled again.  But yet again I got the exact same exectuable and lib
sizes which did not make sense.

Figuring something was up, I moved the source to a different name and
untar'ed again the original source, configured, and compiled, this time
I got the correct result, a binary that had debugging information and
libraries that were different (and correct).

So my question, why did I see this!?!?!

kernel 2.4.20 with aa patches (includes XFS support).


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