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Re: problems with real-time option.

To: K Ramesh <kram@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: problems with real-time option.
From: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: 26 Aug 2003 07:10:02 -0500
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 05:29, K Ramesh wrote:
> Hi,
>       I'm trying to create a real-time subvolume in my Linux System, running
> SuSE 8.1 (Kernel: 2.4.19-64GB-SMP) on a dual-xeon PC. The system has a 3ware
> ATA-Raid controller.
> When I try to create a real-time subvolume, this what I get:
> wop18:~ # mkfs  -t xfs -f -r rtdev=/dev/sda6 /dev/sda5
> meta-data=/dev/sda5              isize=256    agcount=49, agsize=1048576 blks
> data     =                       bsize=4096   blocks=51201147, imaxpct=25
>          =                       sunit=0      swidth=0 blks, unwritten=0
> naming   =version 2              bsize=4096
> log      =internal log           bsize=4096   blocks=6250, version=1
>          =                       sunit=0 blks
> realtime =/dev/sda6              extsz=65536  blocks=183237382,
> rtextents=11452336
> XFS: This FS has an RT subvol - specify -o rtdev on mount
> mkfs.xfs: real-time device init failed
> mkfs.xfs: filesystem failed to initialize
>       Does this mean that the realtime subvolume is not usable? Can you please
> tell me the status of realtime subvolume status of XFS in Linux? I checked the
> archives, and found similar questions raised in early 2002. Wonder if we have
> anything new now.

Your kernel is almost that old ;-) Realtime should be working in recent
kernels, be aware you need to use O_DIRECT to write to realtime


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