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Re: The X in XFS

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Subject: Re: The X in XFS
From: "Dan Koren" <koren_dan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 20:23:49 -0700
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Well, Curtis, everything is fine and dandy with your
version. It still does not explain why the XFS Design
Specs refer to "eXtended File System" on the front page.

That, of course, does not contradict everyone having
forgotten by now what that stood for.


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Subject: Re: The X in XFS

> All,
> Dan Koren wrote:
> > Sorry to disagree with you, but X really did stand
> > for something. The early design documents (which
> > may have vanished by the time Cray was acquired) 
> > referred to the "eXtended File System".
> Fortunately, Steve was in fact correct.  The "x" in XFS was originally
> a variable, it was actually italicized for quite a while before it "stuck"
> and became capitalized.  After the original IRIX-based XFS was mostly
> written, we (the engineers) made a list of all the filesystems that we
> could think of, trying to find some letter that was not used.  We couldn't
> come to agreement on something that had the right "coolness" and was
> not already used by some significant product or project.  We'd used the
> italic "x" before then, and it started solidifying into "X" after that 
> meeting.
> Amusingly, we also tried to come up with a logo for XFS in the same
> meeting, but I don't remember anyone actually using a logo afterward.
> > Incidentally, XFS was developed in Mountain View,
> > not in Eagan ;-)
> Specifically, at the back of building 7-lower on the old "red brick" SGI
> campus in Mountain View, but what does that have to do with anything?
> Steve and crew have been quite excellent maintainers and extenders
> of XFS and I believe they deserve enormous credit for XFS having a
> life outside of the (sadly diminishing) realm of SGI machines.  My work
> on XFS would be quietly dying now if the current XFS team had not
> done such a good job bringing it out into Linux.
> Thanks,
>     Curtis

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