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Re: Processes stuck in D state..

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Subject: Re: Processes stuck in D state..
From: "Scott Fagg" <scott.fagg@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 08:22:47 +1000
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I'm using rh7.3, rh8.0 and rh9.0

8 and 9 are running stock 2.4.21 + xfs patches and i'm getting fs corruption
7.3 is running the sgi-supplied redhat installer, and it runs flawlessly

Scott Fagg <scott.fagg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Arup Brisbane
(07) 3023 6000

>>> Michael Loftis <mloftis@xxxxxxxxx> 07/08/2003 5:25:40 AM >>>
The whole redhat 2.4.20 kernel is crap.  I've had a number of boxes lockup 
on it.  Initially it was the firewall, but then at home I've had other 
boxes lock up under load with it.  2.4.20-19.x got a little better but was 
still totally screwed up.  Going to a stock 2.4.20 fixed all the issues 
I've been having.

The root of this one is IMHO RH 2.4.20 is actually 2.4.21-pre3 plus a mass 
of patches.

--On Wednesday, August 06, 2003 21:15 +0200 Simon Matter 
<simon.matter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Yah for production go with a kernel as close to stock as posible.  Avoid
>> anything by redhat in the 2.4.20 series, and you should be fine.  In
>> other words go get a fresh treee, patch in ONLY the XFS stuff.  Don't
>> put in low latency/preeempt patches, they still screw everything up.
>> And just stay away from RedHate kernels.
> I don't agree. I'm using XFS enabled RedHat for a long time now on several
> servers with great success. Are the problem you're talking about always
> NFS related? That's the only thing I'm not using alot with the XFS boxes.
> Simon

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