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Re: User processes run out of memory on XFS directory

To: Josh Fishman <fishman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: User processes run out of memory on XFS directory
From: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: 21 Jul 2003 17:12:10 -0500
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On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 16:59, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Ok, so you do have V1 dirs... and, you have a fairly recent kernel. 
> Hm.  (Steve did some v1 work a while back, but it should be in your
> kernel)
> you could also point xfs_repair (-n to do a trial run) and sanity-check
> the filesystem.

I did some work, but it is not in the tree. Try the attached patch
which may or may not fix your problems - it may not apply completely
cleanly either, it is a little long in the tooth.

V1 directories and the Linux getdents interface just do not like
each other, glibc definitely does not like the way XFS V1 directories
work. So this code is an attempt to make the best of a bad deal.



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