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library errors building XFS tools...

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Subject: library errors building XFS tools...
From: Charles Shannon Hendrix <shannon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 17:38:14 -0400
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Why does the xfs tool build mix library files between /lib and /usr/lib?
The shared objects in /lib, the libtool stuff in /usr/lib... this seems
to cause grief when building other xfs programs.

It would be much nicer if you could just give a single prefix for those
who want to store things in /usr/local, or somewhere else.

In any case, I build attr and xfsprogs using the defaults and linking in
xfsdump still fails:

p.o var.o  /usr/lib/libuuid.a /lib/libhandle.so /lib/libattr.so
/lib/libdm.so ../librmt/.libs/librmt.al
gcc: /lib/libhandle.so: No such file or directory
gcc: /lib/libattr.so: No such file or directory
gcc: /lib/libdm.so: No such file or directory

First of all, shared libraries should be linked with -llib<name>,
secondly, none of the libraries appears to be installed properly.

It seems like libtool is doing the wrong thing, and leaving out steps
like linking the .so files with the .so<version files.

I had to manually run this:

% cd /lib
% ln -s libattr.so.1 libattr.so
% ln -s libhandle.so.1 libhandle.so
% ln -s libdm.so.0 libdm.so

Here are the OS and tool versions I'm using:

Slackware 9.0 with a 2.4.20-xfs kernel



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