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[Bug 250] log recovery hangs after crash

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Subject: [Bug 250] log recovery hangs after crash
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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 04:28:20 -0700
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------- Additional Comments From dizzy@xxxxxxxxx  2003-23-06 04:28 PDT -------
It happened again :-/

This time the kernel just crashed (couldnt get a panic message) then on reboot
neither 2.4.21-cvs or 2.4.18-4SGI_XFS1.2 couldnt replay the journal. Again,
2.4.9-34SGI_XFS1.1 could.

So this seems to me to be 2 issues:
- one issue appeared beetween xfs 1.2.0 and current cvs which leaves the log in
a "strange" state from which neither current xfs or xfs1.2 can recover (this
problem never appeared when running just 2.4.18-4SGI_XFS1.2)
- one issue of the log recovery code appeared between xfs1.1 and xfs1.2, couse
2.4.9-34SGI_XFS1.1 can do log recovery when 2.4.18-4SGI_XFS1.2 and current CVS

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