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Re: redhat 9 xfs install problems

To: Jason Gabriele <gabrie16@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: redhat 9 xfs install problems
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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 19:45:58 -0700
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On 06/20/03 19:42, Jason Gabriele wrote:
Hi. I am having difficulties installing redhat 9 on xfs using the sgi
installer (1.2). everything installs fine but after it reboots the bios
errors saying it cannot start the os. This is with using the entire
drive for linux and using the automatic partitioning and default GRUB
settings. Ive tried using LILO but then it just hangs. Has anyone had
this problem? Im not exactly sure how bios read information off
harddrives but is there some way my board isn't fully compatible with
XFS? I have the latest version of Epoxs bios which they just released a
week ago.

To the best of my knowledge grub will not work with the RH XFS installs. What do you mean by LILO hanging? Do you get different results if you attempt a normal non-xfs RH9 installation? Have you ever installed Linux on this box before?

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