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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Red Hat Linux 9 XFS DVD Released

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Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCE] Red Hat Linux 9 XFS DVD Released
From: Mogens Kjaer <mk@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:37:22 +0200
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Mogens Kjaer wrote:
If the umount unmounts the DVD media, it could very
well be the reason why it can't. Remounting it
readonly should work then. Or one should walk
through the list of mounts under /mnt/sysimage and
only remount these.


I tried


and got the device busy when umounting /mnt/sysimage.

I can switch console to the prompt, and there I still
can't umount /mnt/sysimage, not even "umount -r".

mount tells me that nothing below /mnt/sysimage is mounted,
so /mnt/sysimage/proc/ and /mnt/sysimage/dev/pts has
been unmounted.

I can't see any references to /mnt/sysimage among the
/proc/*/fd links - how do I find out what file is open?

Running /mnt/sysimage/sbin/fuser -v /mnt/sysimage doesn't
list anything. Strange...

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