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[ANNOUNCE] Red Hat Linux 9 XFS DVD Released

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Red Hat Linux 9 XFS DVD Released
From: Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 03:27:28 +0200
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The first version of my Red Hat Linux 9 XFS DVD has been released and
should appear on my mirror in a few hours. The address to the mirror
is below.

// Stefan

Version 0.0.1 (2003-04-10)


This DVD compilation was made by me, Stefan Smietanowski and
I take no responsibility whatsoever that it works or not.

If it breaks, you get to keep the pieces.

No warranty is neither expressed or implied. Be warned.

This release is not endorsed or supported by either RedHat or SGI.
If it doesn't work, don't bug them about it.

I have verified that it works when burnt to a DVD-R, using a
Pioneer DVR-104 burner. I have also verified that it works
when burnt to a DVD-RW using a Pioneer DVR-A05 burner.


* Burn it to a suitable medium.
* Insert the DVD in the DVD-ROM (or DVD-burner)
* Reboot machine
* Make sure you have set your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM
* The installer should now autostart
* There are problems reported when booting on machines
  with a KT333 chipset. Use the floppy method then.
  The machine can however boot a bootable CD so the problem
  isn't in this DVD, it's in the BIOS. (Can someone verify if
  this is still the case and get back to me?)

There is a bug with using GRUB as a bootloader. Either use LILO or
use one of the following workarounds:

* Make a seperate /boot partition and use some other filesystem than
  xfs on it. That way you won't get the issue and you can use xfs
  without getting any problems.

* Run the installer all the way until it asks if you should create
  a boot disk or not.
  If you're using the graphical installer press CTRL-ALT-F5.
  If you're using the text installer, press ALT-F5.
  You'll see an interesting page ending with a GRUB error
  "Can't find file".
  Above it are two lines. The first one is something like:
  "root (hd0,0)"
  After that you'll find a line with something like this (these lines
  are different depending on your type of hard drive and partitioning:
  "install /boot/grub/stage1 d .........."
  Write both lines down literally. Note that there exists a space
  after "(hd0)" in some places and not in others. Make sure you really
  get it right.
  Go back to the installer by using ALT-F7 if using the graphical
  installer or ALT-F1 if using text.
  Finish the installer all the way.
  Then reboot the system and boot from the install DVD again.
  This time type "linux rescue" instead of pressing enter and it will
  boot into rescue mode. Mount the filesystem(s).
  On the prompt type "grub". If that doesn't get you into grub type
  "/sbin/grub". If you get a warning that "it might take a long time",
  just wait it out, it can take up to a minute or more on some machines.
  Now take your paper with those lines written on them.
  Write the first line "root (hd0,0)" (or whatever it said) and press
  enter. it should respond with
  "Filesystem type is xfs, partition type 0x83".
  If it does you know you're alright.
  Then enter the "install" line literally, doublechecking that you
  got it right. Now press enter. It shouldn't say anything at all.
  Then enter "quit" and you'll get a prompt again.
  Now press CTRL-D and the system will reboot. Remove the DVD and
  start using the system. This way will work fine once you've completed
  this whole step.

If you are unable to boot the DVD:
* Boot up Linux or Windows and make an install floppy.
  Can someone check if install floppy method works?

* Mount the DVD-ROM on that machine and make sure you have
  a formatted floppy ready.
  We assume the DVD is mounted under /mnt/cdrom:
* dd if=/mnt/cdrom/images/bootdisk.img of=/dev/fd0
* Wait until it's written the floppy and the floppy light
  goes out, then reboot machine and boot from the floppy.
  It will then continue from the DVD.

* Insert the DVD into the machine.
* On the DVD there is a directory called "dosutils".
* Start "rawritewin" in that directory.
* Select images\bootdisk.img and create the floppy using that
* Wait until it's written the floppy and the floppy light
  goes out, then reboot machine and boot from the floppy.
  It will then continue from the DVD.
Where to get:

There is currently only one place to get it from:


That dir will always contain the latest version
I hope to add at least one ftp site to the list later on.
If anyone has a high-bandwidth site that can take 3-4GiB files,
email me. Only serious offers please. ADSL is not high bandwidth :)

Thanx to Uninett in norway for the chance to mirror it there.
It's a 10Gps link.

What's on this DVD:

* RedHat 9 "Shrike" CDs 1-6, including the SRPMS.
* All updates that were released up to and including 2003-04-09
  at 22:00 GMT (except the kernel that was just released).
  They are installed automatically when the system
  is installed. The DVD does not contain the old RPMS.
* A modified Red Hat 9 Installer.
* The command RPMs from XFS 1.2 recompiled for RH9

If you have any questions or ideas, or just want to tell me how
great it is that I made this DVD, please mail me at the email
address below. Also please drop me a note that you used it at all
and if you encountered any bugs that aren't described below.
This is NOT an invitation to send unsolicited email ("spam").

Stefan Smietanowski (stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx)

Thanx must go to: (In no particular order)
Nicolai Langfeldt
Russel Cattelan
Eric Sandeen
Nathan Straz
and the rest of the XFS team! This DVD wouldn't have existed
without you!

* The copyright of any program on this DVD are owned by their
  respective copyright holder.

Known Bugs:

- Doesn't work.
+ Contains a bugfix but needs to be tested by more people.
* Fixed
? Unknown if bug still exists. Usually a new bug found in an older
- GRUB won't install properly at all for some reason. Looking for
  a fix for this.

If you have a solution or idea to any of these problems, please email me
at stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx and I'll incorporate them into the next release.

Version history:

0.0.1  2003-04-10 Initial version. Contains RH9, XFS and the updates to
                  RH9 existing up to this date, except the new kernel

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