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mkfs.xfs and zeroing of unwritten extents (was: TAKE - xfsprogs)

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Subject: mkfs.xfs and zeroing of unwritten extents (was: TAKE - xfsprogs)
From: Federico Sevilla III <jijo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 14:08:34 +0800
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On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 03:01:21PM +1100, Nathan Scott wrote:
> This is a fixed-up version of a hacked tool that I found useful for
> coding, debugging and testing unwritten extents; hopefully it'll be
> useful for realtime too.

I read in the announcement about the new Debian package for xfsprogs
that zeroing out of unwritten extents is now enabled by default in
mkfs.xfs.  A search about unwritten extents pointed me to

I haven't been in touch with XFS development lately[1], so please pardon
me if this was discussed previously. Is there anything that has to be
done for systems that were created with slightly older versions of
xfsprogs (eg: 2.3.11)? What problems to XFS filesystems created on top
of previously existing filesystems (eg: ext3) pose?

 --> Jijo

[1] I used to be an avid XFS user, then I ran into problems[2] that I
couldn't explain, and couldn't get anyone else to figure out. I was
forced to shift to ext3, and things ran smoothly as soon as I "jumped
ship". Then after around four months, the system again ran into a very
similar kernel panic. I had an opportunity to make the server breathe
awhile after that, so I decided to run a full memory scan using
memtest86, which I can't recall having done before. It found ploblems in
a small section of one of the modules, that I have now replaced. With
this new information, I am confident the problems I ran into before were
largely caused by the problematic RAM and the way XFS stresses systems
more than ext3 does. Because of the very significant performance hit of
using ext3 instead of XFS, I took time to transfer everything back, and
have for a week now been happily running XFS again. :)

[2] http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-xfs&m=103369234209733&w=2

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