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[Bug 230] umount hangs after high disk load

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Subject: [Bug 230] umount hangs after high disk load
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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 16:24:43 -0800
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christian.guggenberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  2003-03-26 16:24 -------
Nope there's no ext3 filesystem (But ext3 is compiled as module). The system has
4 partitions, where hda1 (ext2) mounted as /, hda2 (xfs) as /var, hda3 (swap)
and hda4 (xfs) mounted as /usr.
When I use SysRQ+sync, while the hanging umount process during shutdown occures,
I see that all devices except hda4(/usr) can be emergency sync'd.
SYSRQ+remount,ro then can do nothing anymore.

But then there's another weird thing: 
When I reboot the machine(while the umount process is hanging - and only with
SySRQ-boot, no sync and ro), hda1 will be e2fsck'd on startup, xfs-recovery will
be done on hda2 (/var), but not on hda4 (/usr). The kernel claims to do a clean
xfs mount here... hmmm?
The xfs fs had been created with xfsprogs-2.0.3

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