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Re: nfsd crashes regularly (Oops)

To: Matteo Centonza <matteo@xxxxxx>
Subject: Re: nfsd crashes regularly (Oops)
From: Bernhard Erdmann <be@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 08:33:47 +0100
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Matteo Centonza wrote:
Hi Bernhard,

I have a box running kernel 2.4.18 (SGI XFS 1.1). Say twice a week the NFS server crashes with Oops, i.e. NFS service is blocked but the box is still running a mail server and you can log in.

if xfsdump was running, probably it's a known problem:


solved in the current CVS or 1.2 prereleases:



xfsdump was run by Amanda each night to backup.

Upgrading to XFS 1.2 and kernel 2.4.19 seems to have solved the problem. This box hasn't crashed for two weeks now.


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