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Re: TAKE - attr-2.3.0, add trusted namespace into XFS

To: Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: TAKE - attr-2.3.0, add trusted namespace into XFS
From: Chris Wedgwood <cw@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 14:42:02 -0800
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On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 09:06:28AM +1100, Nathan Scott wrote:

> The only thing that could go "wrong" is in xfsdump/restore at the
> moment, and there are acceptable workarounds (IMO).

xfsdump/restore are pretty important IMO

these are not applications i'd like to see trivially broken...

is it not possible to have userspace deal with both cases?  it on'y
needs to determine which namespace prefix is in use once and cache
this result (somewhat like what glibc does in places)

> Fortunately, tar and cp don't grok extended attributes yet

sorry, bad example on my part

i was complaining that important userspace tools all-of-a-sudden work
differently depending on what kernel you boot...


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