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recommended compiler?

To: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: recommended compiler?
From: Seung-yeong Oh <so1713@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 20 Jan 2003 03:42:16 +0900
Sender: linux-xfs-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
I'm still trying to figure out what the source of my problem is;


Anyway, what is the recommended compiler for XFS 1.2? Up to 1.1, I've
read that SGI developer team recommends kgcc in the Makefile, I don't
see that sort of NOTE in the Makefile in kernel
If kernel rpm with XFS1.2 is made for RedHat 8.0 AND RedHat8.0 uses gcc3
as the default compiler, then would the binary made in RedHat7.x cause
some sort of problems when the default compiler in RedHat7.x is used,
which is ver. 2.96?
Also, what about glibc version? The main reason I rebuilt kernel source
rpm with XFS 1.2 was that the binary rpm's were built with glibc2.3. If
binary cmd & kernel rpm's made with glibc2.2 in RedHat7.x are used,
would that cause some compatibility issue?

I'd appreciate any comment. Thank you.

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