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[Bug 207] Filesystem corruption at boot, with data loss

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Subject: [Bug 207] Filesystem corruption at boot, with data loss
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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 12:39:57 -0800
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------- Additional Comments From dgborin@xxxxxxxxx  2003-01-12 12:39 -------
Some final (?) comments, even if it is marked duplicate...

I disabled the HD write cache (yes, it was enabled) e for some boots it was all
OK. Then X hanged: I waited for the cache to be written (HD LED blinked), then I
hard resetted the system, but syslogd didn't start. Soft reset (ctr+alt+del),
then I got again the file system corrupted!

I think that a lot of system files are corrupted now, so I don't know if this
last report has some interest: I will reinstall all ASAP.

Kernel 2.4.20, XFS patch 2002-12-17.

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