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Subject: Re: linux
From: kris buggenhout <kris.buggenhout@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 21:32:52 +0100
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Jameel Akari wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, Seth Mos wrote:
> > At 12:15 3-1-2003 -0500, Patrick_Coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > >Hi,
> > >
> > >Can you run Linux on an SGI O2 machine?
>         No.
> > AFAIK, there have been some tries in the past. Graphics is out of the
> > question though, serial console is the only option. I also believe only the
> > R5K series were a possibility.
>         Yeah, last time I looked, there was a partially working Linux for
> Indys (R4K/R5K) that ran in serial console.  No graphics.  Might have been
> multiuser, maybe not.  Even though I have a working Indy, I stuck with
> Irix.

wrong, indy's have full support for linux, even the gfx. R4/R5K
There is an indigo 2 linux which is serial  console only
and the O2 is being worked on, but serial at the moment ...

see here :


and also more comprehensible:


Where there is stated support for R10K on O2 and Indigo2

>         I also thought I had seen dmesg from where some brave soul had
> booted a Linux SMP kernel on a Origin or something with like 32
> processors.. no idea if that was a hoax, or what became of it.

there i one from sgi themselves, linux scalability project, Origin 2000 with 128
cpus even...

but i guess this project has been set on hold...

>         Given the published SGI strategy of Linux on x86 and IRIX on MIPS,
> something tells me any Linux on SGI MIPS machines is going to be a total
> hack anyway.

Actually a few years ago, they anounced the end of IRIX and MIPS , but lately
these  eol's have been postponed. !!!
wonder why... might it be that itanium does not deliver its promises ?


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