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Re: Clustered XFS?

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Subject: Re: Clustered XFS?
From: Alvaro Figueroa <fede2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 05 Dec 2002 15:14:08 -0600
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> I was looking at the GFS software from Sistina and the OpenGFS project. I'm
> wondering if it's possible to merge the codebases of XFS and OpenGFS to
> provide the clustering functionality on XFS.  Am I crazy?

Have you tought up some initial design on how to do this?

What GFS functions can be extracted out of it to be shared with other
filesystems? And, can they be (ab|ex)tracted to a point where it becomes
a generic layer for other (or all other) filesystems in the Linux

Alvaro Figueroa

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