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XFS trouble (!)

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Subject: XFS trouble (!)
From: Ajay Shekhawat <ajay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 19:00:59 -0500
Organization: Center for Document Analysis and Recognition
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I'm trying to recover an XFS filesystem that might have gotten corrupted
due to a bad RAID controller. The system is running Linux kernel v2.4.19
with the associated XFS patches. It was originally running 2.4.17 with the
XFS patches. It is a fairly big filesystem (about 1TB).
On boot, the OS refuses to mount it: says bad superblock.
xfs_check didn't print anything (I'm running it again now, and it slowly
expands to use up the 2GB of physical memory on the server).
"xfs_repair -n" didn't offer to do much either (it didn't complain loudly
about the inodes or something), and I didn't run xfs_repair without the
"-n" for fear of trashing the whole thing.
Since I'm leery about losing the data (yeah, we have backups, but... :-} ),
what are my options?
Any help would be appreciated!



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