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Re: Question about kernel update

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Subject: Re: Question about kernel update
From: "Joe St.Clair" <ksimach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 07:11:22 -0500
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Eric, I have both the SGI_XFS 17.7.x kernal and the 17.7.x Kernel for RedHat 7.1. When I check for dependencies of the RedHat kernel all seem ok. When I check for dependencies on the SGI built kernel I recieve the following warnings on either the kernel and/or the command tools.
I can get rebuild all of the SGI_XFS command tools from SRPMS and they will check ok. But when I attempt to build the kernel from SGI_XFS source I am informed I need gcc >= 2.96-98, my current version is gcc-2.96-85.

I assume (quite possibly incorrectly) that if I update gcc then I should be able to continue with the build. As gcc has been updated (via RedHat up2date) at least once, I assume that it could be updated again. Am I incorrect in this?
Would it be better if I was to rebuild the gcc update on my current system?

Eric Sandeen wrote:

Ok, I'm pretty confused by this.  :)

The only difference I see between the "stock" kernel spec files for
17.7.x and 17.8.0 is:

-%define release 17.7.x
+%define release 17.8.0

(i.e. no gcc differences)

and the only differences between the 17.?.? Red Hat specfiles, and our
specfile, (aside from the release name) are the XFS patches.

I see "BuildRequires: gcc >= 2.96-98" in the 17.7.x specfiles as well,
but I only see gcc-2.96-85 for RH 7.1, so I don't know how you're
supposed to rebuild it on 7.1, or why you seem to be able to.

So I'm stumped.  :)


Joseph St.Clair - KSI Machine & Engineering

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