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Re: Serious XFS trouble: umount filesystem -> corrupt (on IDE drive)

To: Christoph Hellwig <hch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Serious XFS trouble: umount filesystem -> corrupt (on IDE drive)
From: Walt H <waltabbyh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 08:06:15 -0800
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No problem. This server wasn't in production yet, and I just wanted to try the latest CVS kernel in order to capture the recent fixes that have gone into XFS. The kernel I'm using now is from CVS at around 11.3.2002. I've stressed it pretty good and it appears to be stable. I'll just stick with that until things (AIC7902 etc...) stabilize more. For me it was a case of "No harm, no foul" :)


Christoph Hellwig wrote:
On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 11:21:54AM +0100, Ralf G. R. Bergs wrote:

Hi there,

yesterday I replaced the motherboard of my home server (running Debian/GNU Linux 3.0) for a CPU upgrade (486-133 -> K6-III+ 400) and the network card. Therefore (to support the card) I had to recompile the kernel, and so I upgraded the kernel source from 2.4.19-xfs to yesterday's 2.4.20-rc2-xfs ("SGI XFS CVS-2002-11-22_06:00_UTC with ACLs, quota, no debug enabled.")

Suddenly I noticed strange filesystem corruption. Even after a clean "halt" or "reboot" upon mounting the XFS filesystems the system would give me error messages like the following:

This was a rgeression I introduced in the xfs tree on thursday.  it's fixed
now.  let me apologize for the pain it caused to you.

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