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Slow restore using NetVault backup application

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Subject: Slow restore using NetVault backup application
From: Sherman Boyd <meekrob@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:11:33 -0700
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I've been using the NetVault backup application to back up my Linux boxes 
running XFS over the network.  Everything is very fast, except restores crawl 
along at about 21 kb per second.  The guys at NetVault said that it was because 
I have a journaling filesystem, and suggested that I turn off journaling (if 
possible) while I am restoring a backup. This seems strange to me and brings up 
some questions:

1) Does anyone else experience this kind of an issue using any other backup 

2) Can I turn off journaling in XFS temporarily to resolve this, and would I 
want to?

3) Why would journaling affect the speed of restores and not backups?

Thanks for reading this and thanks to those that develop XFS,

Sherman Boyd

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