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Re: Question about kernel update

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Subject: Re: Question about kernel update
From: "Joe St.Clair" <ksimach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 17:00:57 -0500
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This would not be a big problem but I have never done this on a RedHat system. What I am looking for is some information on how to do this.

Juri Haberland wrote:

Joe St.Clair wrote:
I asked a couple of days ago about updating the kernel on a couple of RedHat 7.x systems to 2.4.18-17.7. This is the correct kernel version for the latest update on a RedHat 7.x system.

I have downloaded all of the command RPM's and the needed kernel RPM's. When I test for dependencies it seems some other packages need to be updated. Here is a list of what is needed.


It seems that the kernel on SGI's site have different dependencies that the RedHat 2.4.18-17.7 one.

Well, it depends. Unfortunately the new SGI RPMs are all build for RedHat
8.0! Seems that all users with RedHat 7.1 - 7.3 have to rebuild from the
SRPMs :(


Joseph St.Clair - KSI Machine & Engineering

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