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Re: 2.4.20pre5aa2

To: Stephen Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: 2.4.20pre5aa2
From: Samuel Flory <sflory@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:27:04 -0700
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Stephen Lord wrote:

On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 19:23, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
that seems a bug in xfs, it BUG() if vmap fails, it must not BUG(), it
must return -ENOMEM to userspace instead, or it can try to recollect and
release some of the other vmalloced entries. Most probably you run into
an address space shortage, not a real ram shortage, so to workaround it
you can recompile with CONFIG_2G and it'll probably work, also dropping
the gap page in vmalloc may help workaround it (there's no config option
for it though). It could be also a vmap leak, maybe a missing vfree,
just some idea.

We hold vmalloced space for very short periods of time, in fact
filesystem recovery and large extended attributes are the only
cases. In this case we should be attempting to remap 2 pages
together. The only way out of this would be to fail the whole
mount at this point. I suspect a leak elsewhere.

Samuel, when you mounted xfs and it oopsed, was it shortly after bootup?

 Yes I'd just logged in and manually mounted it.

Also, how far did your dbench run get before it hung? I tried the
kernel, but I paniced during startup - then I realized I did not apply the patch to fix the xfs/scheduler interactions first.
It looked around 1/4 to 1/2 done with dbench 32. I'm not sure if it was the 1st or second run. I run dbench from a script:
./dbench 2
./dbench 4
./dbench 8
./dbench 16
./dbench 32
./dbench 64
<repeats >

I generally use this script narrow down which configurations seem to be most promising.

How much memory is in the machine by the way?
4G ram, and 4G swap.

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