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Re: XFS allows expansions, but no contraction?

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Subject: Re: XFS allows expansions, but no contraction?
From: Scott McDermott <mcdermot@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 20:43:16 -0400
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Andi Kleen on Sat 28/09 02:26 +0200:
> > Probably an extension of the xfs_fsr approach would be the way to
> > go. One major issue is it is impossible to do this without changing
> > inode numbers. Some applications rely on inode numbers remaining a
> > constant.
> But none I know do this over umount/remount (ok except for NFS
> stateless filehandles, but that can be cured by remounting on the
> client too) 

yeah right, you have XFS for /home/ and you want to tell your hundreds
of LAN clients to remount? That is totally impractical.

the inodes have to remain constant to be realistic...NFS cookies aren't
the only thing that uses them (although I can't think of anything else
that would care ;)

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