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Re: [Acl-Devel] Re: setfacl bug

To: Ethan Benson <erbenson@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Acl-Devel] Re: setfacl bug
From: Andreas Gruenbacher <ag@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 17:08:34 +0200 (CEST)
Cc: Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxx>, <agruen@xxxxxxx>, <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>, <acl-devel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
In-reply-to: <20020811170003.E23734@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
On Sun, 11 Aug 2002, Ethan Benson wrote:

> one more detail, setfacl -b is also completly broken, it just returns
> Permission denied for regular files.  this is consistent with Nathan's
> assessment that acl_get_file needs to not fail on regular files.
> sidenote, why is setfacl returning permission denied? this does not
> seem to be the correct error.

It's defined to behave like that in 1003.1e draft 17 if an application
tries acl_get_file("non-directory", ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT). That's what setfacl
did. Thanks for reporting the bug.


 Andreas Gruenbacher, a.gruenbacher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
 Contact information: http://www.bestbits.at/~ag/

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