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Re: HELP - serious problem, weird filesystem behaviour ...

To: "Blizbor (IMA)" <tb670725@xxxxxx>
Subject: Re: HELP - serious problem, weird filesystem behaviour ...
From: Tim Shimmin <tes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 16:25:04 +1000
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
In-reply-to: <3D4BA4BC.2000700@xxxxxx>; from tb670725@xxxxxx on Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 11:39:08AM +0200
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Hi Blizbor,

Answering the xfsdump/restore related question...

On Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 11:39:08AM +0200, Blizbor (IMA) wrote:
> Hi,
> Yesterday in mc programm I have deleted few
> directories on \ filesystem (i.e. \ola \ala \iza).
> These are very small so deletion was rapid.
> Then problem started.
> ls / doesnt show anything however I still can do
> cd /home; cd /root; cd /bin ... all files are found.
> Almost everything is working. Im afraid to reboot these machine.
> I have done xfs_ncheck - shows that fs contains data.
> I have done xfsdump, 
I presume you did the xfsdump after the deletions.
(Better to do it beforehand ;-)

> then during archive validation
> I found something strange for me:
> [root@localhost /root]# xfsrestore -t -f /home/XFSdump_rootFS.bin | head 
> -1000
> xfsrestore: version 3.0 - Running single-threaded
> xfsrestore: searching media for directory dump
> xfsrestore: reading directories
> xfsrestore: directory post-processing
> xfsrestore: reading non-directory files
> xfsrestore: NOTE: ino 135 salvaging file, placing in 
> orphanage/524417.0/lib/locale/ar_IN/LC_MESSAGES/SYS_LC_MESSAGES
> What does it means ?

I believe this means that it is trying to restore inode 135 
of which it has the file data and we have the parent directory 
which contains this file entry BUT 
the rest of the directory tree (starting from root) is not 
connected to this node.
There is a pass in the code which recursively marks the subtrees 
to restore (starting from the top of the tree) and 
it never got to this entry.
So it restores this file into the orphanage directory.
So your FS is likely to be corrupted which matches with your
statements above.
> Is it possible to repair that system without data lost ?
I guess you may need to boot from CD and xfs_repair the
unmounted xfs root file system.
I'll leave it to others to comment on the best course
of action here.


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