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Re: re[3]: 2 freeze/snapshot questions

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Subject: Re: re[3]: 2 freeze/snapshot questions
From: Adrian Head <ahead@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 00:31:00 +1000
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Snapshots should be able to be generated on an active filesystem in full 
flight.  If you cannot do that then something is wrong.  

I have had many issues with LVM snapshots and XFS/xfs_freeze but that was a 
long time ago (last year and early this year) you might check the archives to 
see if the issue is something simular.  For me I stopped using xfs_freeze and 
relied on the VFS-lock patch.

I did have a problem that was time related.  If I ran through snapshots 
manually everything worked.  If I ran exactly the same commands in a script 
it would die.  I don't think anyone was able to work it out.  In the end I 
changed that way I was doing it.

> I think I know what I was doing wrong.  I had the script I was
> writing/executing on the filesystem I was trying to snapshot.
> Bad idea!!!!
> I have moved my script to a drive I don't need to snapshot, and it seems to
> be running reliably now.
> Before I figured this out, I locked up LVM so bad a couple of times that I
> had to cycle power on the server. :<

Adrian Head

(Public Key available on request.)

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