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Re: 2.4.18 XFS 1.1 : Gave up on XFS - too many Oops

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Subject: Re: 2.4.18 XFS 1.1 : Gave up on XFS - too many Oops
From: Daniel Mose <mdomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 07:26:29 +0200
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Hundstad, Jeffrey E. wrote:
> It's too bad that XFS is losing people.
> I see we've made it to the finger pointing stage.
> Maybe we can step back....
> If there already isn't too many hurt feelings is it possible to get a report 
> on what TYPE of usage is causing problems.  I've been using it on a 700GB 
> server serving FTP, Samba and NetAtalk users to a couple of hundred 
> university folk.  Since we've gotten are hardware problems solved we've had 
> no problems.  I run it on my squid cache, my local workstation and laptop, no 
> problems there either despite the batery running out and the XYL unplugging 
> the hardware.
> If we could identify TYPES of load/services that perform well and those that 
> perform poorly it may be as usfull as OOPS reports.  Some users just don't 
> have the time or ability, we all wish they did, but they CAN tell us what 
> services were running.

Cheer up people, The guy that you just lost was  working with XFS in 
a production environment. He simply couldn't take the responsability
towards his boss for having a production server that  broke down every
three days or so. It was quite brave of him to have XFS running at his
company in the first place. 
If you want the XFS file system to function well in a high throughput
production environment, I suggest that you do something similar to what 
Novel is doing:  They offer No cost web services like mail for instance
that runs on their own development beta software.(www.myrealbox.com) 
In this way they get their software tested "for real".

This kind of service would probably not be very hard to set up. I believe
it could be done at some university by some professor, or student, where 
the XFS is already running.  
(I have the feeling that a lot of XFS testing and development is done by
academy people now as we speak)

A POP3 mail service (Not web-based) was the simplest idea I could think of. 

Other Ideas are: Free or low cost Conference Services, TV-stations, 
Journalist (photography) relaying servers for news, Music Exchange, anything 
that would exchange the kind of data through your file system in a way that 
you need to do testing on. 

The service offered will of course have to be of big public desire, 
otherwise people will not find it and thus not use it, oh and it had better 
be clean as well. =)

Kind Regards Daniel Mose.

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