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fs size of ext2 vs xfs

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Subject: fs size of ext2 vs xfs
From: "Damon" <damon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 01:16:10 +0800
Importance: Normal
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
My machine is RH7.2 + XFS1.1 and I installed an additional 16M compact flesh 
installed which regonized as /dev/hdc

I then use fdisk to make a Linux file system (#83) and format it as ext2 and 
xfs. I find that the formatted size of ext2 is much bigger than xfs

The command to format the cf as follows:

ext2: mkfs.ext2 /dev/hdc1
xfs: mkfs.xfs -f /dev/hdc1

size for two different fs as

ext2: ~14M
xfs: ~10M

Is this normal or what I can do to format it as xfs with bigger resulting size.

Best regards,

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