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Re: acl-2.0.9 compile errors for EAs

To: Kaleb Pederson <kibab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: acl-2.0.9 compile errors for EAs
From: Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 08:56:16 +1000
Cc: Linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 12:08:52PM -0700, Kaleb Pederson wrote:
> I'm trying to compile acl-2.0.9 but running into problems.
> When doing a ./configure it says...
> ...
> checking for attr/xattr.h... yes
> checking for getxattr in -lattr... no
> FATAL ERROR: could not find a valid Extended Attributes library...
> I have installed attr-2.0.7 (both make install and make install-lib).
> If I do a 'nm /lib/libattr.so.1 | grep getxattr' I get:
> Addr T fgetxattr
> Addr T getxattr
> Addr T lgetxattr
> Which seems to indicate the library does support it but gcc won't link
> to it.  (Maybe a RH-7.3 gcc-2.96 issue?).
> Any ideas why it won't compile or what I can do so that it will work?

I find a useful way to diagnose this sort of problem is to run
"sh -x ./configure", watch for the failing portion, then extract
the gcc command line exactly as configure runs it along with the
generated source file and do it by hand.  That way you're able to
see the error, and you have a fighting chance of diagnosing it.

# sh -x ./configure
+ echo -n 'checking for getxattr in -lattr... '
checking for getxattr in -lattr... + echo 'configure:1417: checking for 
getxattr in -lattr'
++ echo attr_getxattr
++ sed y%./+-%__p_%
+ ac_lib_var=attr_getxattr
++ echo '${ac_cv_lib_attr_getxattr+set}'
+ eval 'test "${ac_cv_lib_attr_getxattr+set}" = set'
++ test '' = set
+ ac_save_LIBS=
+ LIBS=-lattr
+ cat
+ eval echo configure:1436: '"${CC-cc}' -o 'conftest${ac_exeext}' '$CFLAGS' 
'$CPPFLAGS' '$LDFLAGS' 'conftest.$ac_ext' '$LIBS' '1>&5"'
++ echo configure:1436: 'gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c -lattr   1>&5'
+ test -s conftest
+ rm -rf conftest conftest.c
+ eval ac_cv_lib_attr_getxattr=yes
++ ac_cv_lib_attr_getxattr=yes
+ rm -f 'conftest*'

So, you'll want to keep a copy of conftest.c before this last rm
(edit the generated configure script and copy it somewhere safe)
so that you can rerun the gcc line by hand.  Once you have that,
if the failure is non-obvious, post the gcc error message here.



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